Why PLA? - Sustainability

Sustainability - Reduce (reduce the amount of packaging using, reduce CO₂ footprint), Reuse (reuse the products), Compost - (biodegration)

Our contribution to a lower carbon footprint

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Who we are?

In 2015, Guangyi Miao and Mike Miao founded Wintersun Co., Ltd, located at Jiangyin, Jiangsu, China, which provides individual plastic solutions from R&D to customized manufacture, with a professional team and rich experiences in plastic product engineering, we also became a leading solution provider of advanced product application in bio-based plastics, such as our main focus: PLA. (polylactic acid) - products.

Unique products such as PLA- insulation pouch, biodegradable zipper, PLA- tape etc. are specially developed, manufactured by Wintersun and shipped to our worldwide clients from different countries.