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Insulation Products

Insulation Liner

The 100% biodegradable PLA-insulation liner provides flexible combinations and easy handling for your goods with a whole box insulation and keep temperature at ~4C up to 24-30 hours by average 25C-30C room temperature, with a nice and clean look and can be ordered with customized printing graphic.

Insulation Pouch with flap

As an advanced version from the insulation liner, the 100% biodegradable PLA-insulation pouch with flap, provides compact, robust design and quick handling, ideally as partial insulation for the box with combination with non-cooled products, better temperature performance, also with a nice and clean look and can be ordered with customized printing graphic.

Insulation Zip Pouch

From our latest development, together with the first 100% biodegradable zipper, this unique designed insulation pouch is not only 100% biodegradable, it provides the maximum balance between performance, handling, cost and provides extra value for clients with high production capacity, the easy & quick zip-lock closure movement reduces this processing step by 20-30 secs, which means high convenience and big safeness in operational cost. Also with a nice and clean look and can be ordered with customized printing graphic.

City Bag/City Pouch

For short distance cooling, the City Bag/City Pouch provides necessary cooling performance for short time usage, double layered with a waterproof coated inner layer. It can be ordered with customized printing graphic.

Other Products

PLA Tape

As a combination for the cardboard products usage, the 100% biodegradable PLA-tape solves the problem of getting regular BOPP/PE tape separated from the cardboard before recycling/degradation.

Non-Woven Products

Non-woven are used in different sectors such as packaging, medical, textile, cosmetic etc. We are one of few global providers who can offer high quality non-woven materials made with 100% PLA, which is clean, non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, and with extra benefits as skin-friendly, when it come to textile or cosmetic industry.


Wintersun is one of the first companies who developed and provides biodegradable zipper+zipper head with stable performance and quality. It’s a key component for zip bags, or as biodegradable closure mechanism for creating a fully biodegradable product.

Film Products

100% biodegradable transparent PLA film. For packaging in food, cosmetic, clothing, and nearly any application to replace regular PE-transparent film.

Customized services

We also provide customized services - tailor made products according customer‘s needs.


More than packaging

Patents &


WINTERSUN holds the following patents and the exclusive ownership of PLA insulation bags and a patent for fully degradable zipper. It is the sole producer of such products in the world.